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R`-è- L – 1000 P: LET t_! 3 _ DIM 0$(7,13) 5=040 RESTORE E:000: FOR Z =P TO 7: R EA D O$(Z) , A$: LET O (Z) =VAL A$: NEXT Z 8050 DAT A "KNIFE" '. : •'WALLET,. ^" "BLObJTCiRC-H .. , `. l^,E'r. CA SE OF MONEY",. `5.. INK5ï "TI-iE - ' T RB ;–:TT`r:,, ;OF-,0 PRINT , ' .. s'-=t WRITTEN RodI,. ' ' .. T .. 1U SURE? " THEN GO TC] 900 ^-^ 2 0 GO TO C g 000 INPUT "DO YOUU àN RNT TO PLR`:' R'-RIN? `(/N" LINE Çfi$: IF R$=THEN GO TO sLeo 9010 IF R$ (F 's ="i•d" THEN STOP 9020 RUN 900 Doors of Doom f This is a masterpiece program by Malcolm Young which will well reward the time it will take you to type the whole thing in.

You only have one life so-" 79 PRINT AT 12,4;" B E CAR E F U L ! " 82 LET I = 0: PRINT £1;"(c) Copy right DAVID PERRY 1983" 83 PRINT AT 19 , 8 ; INK I; PAPER 2; BRIGHT 1;" PRESS A KEY! 01,I*7: IF I>7 THEN LET I=0 85 IF INKEY$="" THEN GO TO 83 86 CLS : RETURN 87 CLS : PRINT AT 1,11;"ZOMBIE S";AT 2,11:"======" 88 FOR N=0 TO 7: PRINT AT 4+N, 0; PAPER N; INK 7-N;" T H E Y C AUGHT Y O U ! 02,I* 5 : IF I>7 THEN LET I=0 101 IF INKEY="" THEN GO TO 99 102 GO TO 15 103 CLS : PRINT AT 1,11;"ZOMBIE S";AT 2,11:"=======" 104 FOR N=7 TO 0 STEP -1: PRINT AT 6+N,0: PAPER N; INK 7-N:" YO U HAVE JUST COMMITED SUICIDE ": NEXT N 105 GO TO 58 106 BORDER 0: PAPER O: INK 7: B RIGHT 1: CLS 107 IF SC<=N(10) THEN GO TO 12 3 53 108 LET NUM = 11: IF SC>=N( NUM HEN INPUT "ENTER 8 INITALS!

The end of the game is the hardest part, and it is the main reason for getting as high a score as you can before the dam is destroyed. Scoring is simple. You get 100 points for going from the safe to the bank vault and another 100 for successfully bringing back a sack of gold. If you lose a life while 104 carrying the sack, you do not score. Neil's highest score is around 3300, which gives you a target to shoot for. The program is written mainly in BASIC, but it uses a machine code routine located at 32530, which moves the logs right and left across the screen, stopping them after a collision with a dam wall.

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