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By Bezalel Porten T. Muraoka

This up to date grammar of Egyptian Aramaic of the center of the 1st millennium BCE is intended to switch P. Leander's grammar of 1928, but additionally has a considerable part on syntax, which was once absolutely missing in Leander's grammar. The grammar relies on a far better quantity of texts than is the case with Leander's grammar, but in addition on an variation of texts incorporating a private clean learn of them as awarded in Porten and Yardeni's Textbook of Aramaic Texts from Ancien Egypt (1986).

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6x) 'to meet, t o w a r d s ' and - p i r i m p v . fs. 16:2 // i^ivb ( I x ) . 1:9), but pir*? 1:12+ 5x). r'pr (Arb. 1:90. T h e word s n o 'east' is always (16x) spelled with V, never with p . l 1. As in the case of the spelling flunctuations discussed above, this one is also difficult of interpretation. Is the u s e of p an archaism? The presence of both in a single document, the Bisitun text, suggests that at least at the t i m e of the writing of the Elephantine copy of the document, say ca.

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