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By Peter H. Lee

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This accomplished narrative historical past of Korean literature offers crucial details for students and scholars in addition to others. Combining heritage and feedback, the examine displays the most recent scholarship and comprises an account of the advance of all genres. In 25 chapters, it covers twentieth-century poetry, fiction via ladies, and the literature of North Korea. it will likely be a tremendous contribution to the sector and a learn that might stay for a few years the first source for learning Korean literature.

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Nakch’˘on t˘ungun Anonymous traditional narrative fiction in Korean dealing with life in the brothel and the role of a pimp who lures young unmarried women from impoverished families into prostitution. ). North Korean writer of fiction including Chos˘on u˘ i o˘m˘oni (Mother of Korea, 1970). (1454–92). Disciple of Kim Chongjik, friend of Kim Nam Hyoon , a literary Sis˘up and Kim Koengp’il, and author of Ch’ugang chip miscellany. (1441–68). Graduate of the 1457 military examination who renNam I dered meritorious service and became minister of war until the envious (d.

Originally ci were lyrics written to tunes imported from Central Asia, but eventually they became a poetic form without music. The form flourished in China in the tenth and eleventh centuries. (596–667). Tang monk and author of Shijia shipu Daoxuan (Life of the Buddha). Glossary xxxi (Vajrachedik¯a praj˜na¯ p¯aramit¯a s¯utra). Sutra setting Diamond Scripture forth the doctrines of emptiness (´sunyat¯a) and intuitive wisdom (praj˜na¯ ). There are 6 Chinese translations. Doctrine of the Mean (Zhongyong ).

Writer of the sijo sequence “Hang˘o sipp’al Kw˘on Homun kok” (Eighteen songs of idle life) and another cycle, “Tongnak p’algok” (Eight songs of solitary enjoyment), in ky˘onggi-ch’e form. (1903–54). Writer of proletarian poetry. Kw˘on Hwan (1352–1409). Statesman and philosopher who also wrote biKw˘on K˘un ographical sketches of 3 people and the eulogy “Sangdae p˘olgok” (Song of the censorate, c. 1399–1409). Kw˘on P’il (1569–1612). Poet who did not take the examination because he had no interest in a worldly career.

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