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The final concept of language of Mikołaj Kruszweski (1851-1887) is, this e-book argues, a “lost paradigm” within the background of linguistics. the concept that of 'paradigm' is known in a generally construed Kuhnian feel, and its applicability to linguistics as a technological know-how is tested. it's argued that Kruszewski's concept used to be a covert paradigm in that his significant paintings, Ocerk nauki o jazyke ('An define of the technological know-how of Language', 1883), had the capability to be seminal within the historical past of linguistics, i.e. to accomplish the prestige of a 'classical text', or 'exemplar'. This strength used to be now not learned simply because Kruszewski's impact used to be hindered through numerous historic components, together with his early demise and the simultaneous consolidation of the Neogrammarian paradigm, with its emphasis on phonology and language switch. The e-book examines the highbrow historical past of Kruszweski's suggestion, which was once rooted, partially, within the culture of British empiricism. It additionally discusses Kruszewski's courting to his instructor Jean Baudouin de Courtenay (1845-1929), his angle in the direction of the Neogrammarian stream in linguistics, the ambivalent reception of his thought via his contemporaries, and the effect of his paintings at the linguistic conception of Roman Jakobson (1896-1982).

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Fechner determined experimentally, by recording his subjects' reported reactions, that an increment in the intensity of a sensory stimulus was not arithmetically proportional to the increment in the subject's perception of the stimulus. For example, the subject's judgement of the relative brightness of a light or loudness of a sound did not correspond to the actual increase in the stimulus. By careful measurement, Fechner was able to determine the exact quantita­ tive correlation between the physical stimulus and the subjective perception.

25). Baudouin distinguishes between the general categories of language and the general categories of linguistics. 24). It is noteworthy that Baudouin is ultimately uncomfortable discussing the question of the epistemological status of laws. 59), not of linguistics proper. Consequently, it is a question on 34 A PARADIGM LOST which Baudouin was liable to vacillate in the future. Besides linguistic laws, of which he does not give a particular example, Baudouin speaks also of the forces operating in language.

It is the theory of knowledge rather than the precise account of the formation of complex ideas that is John Stuart Mill's principal concern in A System of Logic. In fact, while Mill assumed the associationist model of the mind, he claimed that the theory of logic should ultimately be neutral with respect to the psychological account of reason (cf. McRae 1973:xli-xliii). , the method whereby one arrives at scientific knowledge. Thus, logic is con­ cerned with assuring the validity of the process of reasoning rather than with the account of the mental state which makes the process possible.

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