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This article is a rigorous remedy of the elemental qualitative concept of standard differential equations, in the beginning graduate point. Designed as a versatile one-semester direction yet providing sufficient fabric for 2 semesters, a quick direction covers center themes corresponding to preliminary price difficulties, linear differential equations, Lyapunov balance, dynamical structures and the Poincaré—Bendixson theorem, and bifurcation conception, and second-order themes together with oscillation thought, boundary price difficulties, and Sturm—Liouville difficulties. The presentation is apparent and easy-to-understand, with figures and copious examples illustrating the which means of and motivation at the back of definitions, hypotheses, and common theorems. A thoughtfully conceived choice of routines including solutions and tricks strengthen the reader's knowing of the cloth. necessities are constrained to complicated calculus and the hassle-free conception of differential equations and linear algebra, making the textual content compatible for senior undergraduates besides.

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5. Let u ∈ C 0,1 (Ω) where either Ω = BR2 \ BR1 , Ω = BR2 , Ω = RN , or Ω = RN \ BR1 , for some R2 > R1 0, and let G be a function satisfying + G ∈ L∞ R + 0 × R × R × R0 , G = G(r, v, s, t), G continuous in (v, s, t), nondecreasing in t and convex in (s, t), G(r, 0, 0, 0) = 0 ∀r 0. 13) converges. 14) and p. 16) P ROOF. 7. 10) in the previous theorem by minimizing v − Cu 2,Ω over the set CB(u) = {v ∈ C 0,1 (Ω): Cv = Cu, ωv,BR ωu,BR , J (v) J (u)}, and by working with halfspaces in CHP . 17) with Ω replaced by Ω ∩ BR (R > 0).

32) one sees that v is bounded if f ∈ Lq (Ω ) for some q > N/p. 6 this means that if f ∈ Lq (Ω) with q > N/p, then u ∈ L∞ (Ω). On the other hand, if f (x) = |x|−p , where p > p, then f ∈ L(N/p )−ε (Ω ) ∀ε ∈ (0, (N/p ) − 1], but v is unbounded. Moreover, if N > p/(p − 1), Ω = BR for some R > 0, and if f (x) = |x|−p log eR/|x| 1−p , then f ∈ LN/p (Ω ), and again v ∈ / L∞ (Ω ). 3. We finally comment on some extensions and other common rearrangements. e. x ∈ RN −1 , in the same manner as for the class S.

By a result of [5] this implies that LN |∇un | > t LN ∇(un ) >t , n = 1, 2, . . Rearrangements and applications to symmetry problems in PDE 29 Due to a well-known weak compactness criterion in L1 this implies that there is a function v ∈ L1 (Ω) and a subsequence {(un ) } such that |∇(un ) | v weakly in L1 (RN ). 1 N Since (un ) → u in L (R ) this implies that |∇u | = v and u ∈ W 1,1 (RN ). 9) for p = 1 follows from the weak lower semicontinuity of the norm. 10), although we could not find a reference.

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