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By Henry Pelling (auth.)

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Consequently, although Sir Edward Grey made an impassioned appeal for aid to France, and although he was supported not only by the Conservatives but also by the Irish Nationalists, Ramsay MacDonald sounded a discordant note by registering his party's disapproval. MacDonald's speech, significantly enough, was in large part an appeal to the rank and file of the Liberal Party. -V of the Labour Party neutral, because in the deepest parts of our hearts we believe that that was right and that that alone was consistent with the honour of our country and the traditions of the Party that are now in office.

He referred the matter to the parliamentary party, which by a tiny majority was opposed to taking office; but the National Executive favoured it, and the issue was resolved by a joint meeting of the Executive and the parliamentary party, at which the majority of the latter were overruled. P. in Parliament. s took junior office. The influence of the Labour Party upon the actual conduct of government was not very noticeable at first. It seemed rather that the party was a prisoner of the other parties, obliged to take responsibility for various measures that were bound to be unpopular in the labour movement.

See Labour Party Quarl#rly 2. Hardie to Glasier, 27 Dec. 1908, Glasier Papers. 3. W. J. Braithwaite, diary 28 July, 1911, quoted in his Lloyd GlDfg,'s AmbulallU Wagon (1957), p. 196. 33 A Short History of the Labour Party 4. P. Annual Report (1910), p. 58. 5. , Let Us Reform thl Labour Party (19 10), p. 3. 6. MacDonald to Master of Elibank, 4 Oct. 191 I, quoted Frank Owen, Tempestuous Journey (1954), pp. 207 f. 7. Hansard, Parliamentary Debates, ser. 5, xxvi, 725. 8. Quoted W. P. , 1934), p. 209.

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