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The following day Arthur Balfour lost Manchester East. The defeat of Balfour was the prelude to a Liberal landslide in industrial Lancashire. Even the staunchest of Conservative citadels, in the hitherto safe rural shires, fell to the Liberals. In all, 1906 was a landslide comparable only with the victory of the 'coupon' candidates in 1918, or the National candidates in 1931 and Labour in 1945. The full results were as follows: Unionist Liberal Labour Nationalist Others Seats 157 375 54 83 Total votes 2,463,606 2,583,132 528,797 35,109 21,557 % of total 43·7 45·9 9·4 0·6 0·4 670 5,632,201 100·0 Few Conservative seats escaped the landslide of 1906.

Stansky, Ambitions and Strategies: The Strugglefor the Leadership of the Liberal Party in the /890s (Oxford, 1964). 28 A Short History of the Liberal Party his own way - Harcourt to press the claims of Local Option, Morley those of Home Rule, while Rosebery sought to build the Liberal campaign on the issue of reforming the House of Lords. By 1895 the chief figures in the Liberal Party felt that they had been betrayed by one or another of their colleagues, and an air of personal recrimination and bitterness was not one which fostered productive legislation or electoral success.

From January until June 1886 Chamberlain was engaged in a tactical battle to persuade the party that he, and not Gladstone, could provide the Liberal Party with the key to the solution of the Irish question that would leave the Liberal Party with a secure future. The point at which the differences between Gladstone and Chamberlain came to a head was in May 1886, when he resigned from the Cabinet when Gladstone made known the details of his proposed Bill. The only member who left with him was Trevelyan.

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