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By M. Enachescu, M. Salmeron (auth.), A. P. Bonzel (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783540443414

ISBN-10: 3540458492

ISBN-13: 9783540458494

Surface technology is known as a comparatively younger clinical self-discipline, fascinated about the actual and chemical houses of a phenomena on fresh and lined sturdy surfaces, studied lower than various stipulations. The adsorption of atoms and molecules on sturdy surfaces is, for instance, this sort of , attached with kind of drastic adjustments of all floor homes. An adsorption occasion is usually saw in nature and located to be of technical significance in lots of business strategies. hence, floor technological know-how is interdisciplinary by way of its very nature, and as such an immense middleman among primary and utilized research.

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However, here the adatoms are assumed to be situated in positions nearly on top of the unrelaxed surface zig-zag chains of Ga and As atoms. Sb chains in the right phase are considered in the epitaxial overlapping chain structure [82Duk]. However, they are displaced in the [001] direction to overlap laterally with the underlying substrate chains. Another conceivable model is a dimer structure [82Duk] with Sb dimers oriented in the [001] direction above Ga atoms. Core-level spectroscopy studies [83Ske, 87Sch1] indicated the existence of at least two chemically distinct Sb species, while valence-band photoemission spectroscopy [80Ske, 81Ske, 83Ske] revealed Sbinduced surface states just below the GaAs valence-band maximum.

12 (1975) 222. : Surf. Sci. 50 (1975) 434. : Surf. Sci. 49 (1975) 161. : Surf. Sci. 47 (1975) 605. : Surf. Sci. 53 (1975) 501. : Surf. Sci. 49 (1975) 356. : J. Vac. Sci. Technol. 12 (1975) 230. : J. Phys. C 9 (1976) 2721. : J. Appl. Phys. 47 (1976) 2841. : Surf. Sci. 57 (1976) 37. : Surf. Sci. 61 (1976) 651. : Surf. Sci. 55 (1976) 199. , Baro, A. : Phys. Rev. B 13 (1976) 4348. : Surf. Sci. 65 (1977) 361. : Surf. Sci. 62 (1977) 31. : Surf. Sci. 69 (1977) 1. : Surf. Sci. 64 (1977) 465. : Surf. Sci.

Since the Sb dimer on Si(100)(2×1) is more stable than on Si(100)(1×1) at low coverage, it is proposed that a temporary phase having an Sb(2×2) structure may be seen at low coverage. 75 ML. For higher coverage, bonding to the substrate is weaker and detrimental effects, such as precipitation of Sb and strong segregation during subsequent solid phase epitaxy, may occur. There is also great interest in understanding the reaction path of dopant molecules with semiconductor surfaces [75Fox, 92Els], because many common dopants are deposited in molecular form, such as Sb4 and As4.

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