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By Peter Jenkins

ISBN-10: 0953537811

ISBN-13: 9780953537815

This education guide covers all features of undertaking a actual covert surveillance so one can assemble intelligence and facts.

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There are many different trains of thought on this matter, both have their advantages and disadvantages but as a rule we do not usually inform the police of our activities and this decision has been borne by past experience, unless it is to our advantage. When working in ,rough areas, where there is a high risk of crimi_ nal element and the operators 22 COVERT SURVEILLANCE could be under threat, we would inform the local police of our presence providing them with our vehicle details. ln the past we have provided the Police with our details when working in particular areas.

G anything, then r wourd recommend that you _lchieve stay out. lf he was to visit HMV or Virgin Meglstore then (remembering the aims and objectives) I would most certainly get an operator in close if it was of evidential value. What you have to decide is: What am I going to gain against what am I going to lose? By going in close you may gain some good intelligence but in doing so, you will lose a number of lives. Guard yorr e-*posure leiels if you have had a ,close encounter' with the target. lf it is necessary that you g"f in close again, let the team know that you are 'warm' and so a different o-"perator can go in crose, remember, it is all about teamwork.

It may be wise to carry a change of clothing with you, such as a lightweight or reversible jacket or a hat. A plastic carrier bag in your pocket can be used io put your jacket in, thus changing your overall appearance. lf you have long hair, you could wear it down and then tie it back with a bobble. You may wish to change your appearance by wearing a baseball cap, this is okay but do not continually put it on and off. The target may notice these frequeni changes in appearance and so confirm suspicions.

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