Advances in Computer Assisted Learning. Selected Proceedings by P. R. Smith PDF

By P. R. Smith

ISBN-10: 0080318134

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The programs in this package operate in a similar manner to the Sammy Mathematics programs, in that problems are displayed on the screen and responses are made by means of pressing a single key or switch zero when the scanning box is located at the appropriate answer. The Sammy Language programs also use a scanning response system. In these programs a scanning box moves between a series of word or symbol selections to enable student participation in pre-reading programs which involve object matching skills and early reading programs which include word recognition and story writing tasks.

Disabilities arising from birth or acquired later in life can restrict students from participating in the same activities as their non-disabled peers. In the past, specially designed aids were used to accommodate the needs of physically disabled students, but the increasing popularity and availability of microcomputers has provided a new means for assisting the disabled to overcome their physical limitations. Until recently most software developed for use by non-verbal disabled students was designed to serve a communication role, but recognition of the power of this " .

M. system provides auditory reinforcement to the visual material presented on the screen and can help to sustain students' attention. The Sammy Series also includes a range of additional materials to supplement the educational software and reinforce skills taught in the classroom. These materials include counting cards, shapes cards, match-up games cards, reading books, audio tapes, flash cards, alphabet cards and worksheets based on the content material of the software. Using this integrated approach it is possible to provide a learning environment for students which is flexible and interesting.

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Advances in Computer Assisted Learning. Selected Proceedings from the CAL 85 Symposium by P. R. Smith

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