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By Khalid Rehman Hakeem

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Agricultural biomass is ample around the world and it may be regarded as substitute resource of renewable and sustainable fabrics that are used as power fabrics for various functions. regardless of this huge, immense creation of agricultural biomass, just a small fraction of the entire biomass is applied for various purposes. needs to be ready to use the location and make the most of the to be had biomass within the very best demeanour. Agricultural biomass corresponding to ordinary fibres has been effectively investigated as a very good power for use as a renewable and sustainable fabrics for the construction of composite fabrics. ordinary fibres supply very good particular houses and feature power as impressive reinforcing fillers within the matrix and will be used in its place fabric for biocomposites, hybrid composites, pulp, and paper industries. typical fibre established polymer composites made up of jute, oil palm, flex, hemp, kenaf have a low industry fee, beautiful with admire to international sustainability and locate expanding advertisement use in several purposes. Agricultural biomass dependent composites locate functions in a few fields viz., automobile and development undefined. destiny examine on agricultural biomass-natural fibre dependent composites usually are not in simple terms be restricted to its automobile functions yet should be explored for its software in plane parts, building undefined, rural housing and biomedical purposes. during this publication we are going to disguise the chemical, actual, thermal, electric, and biodegradability homes of agricultural biomass dependent composite fabrics and its diversified power functions. the most target of this quantity is to familiarize researchers, scientists and engineers with the original examine possibilities and potentials of agricultural biomass established materials.

  • Up-to-date details on replacement biomass utilization
  • Academic and leaders speak about designated homes of biomass established composite fabrics
  • Direct software of agricultural biomass fabrics as sustainable and renewable alternatives

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Germplasm revealed by AFLP analysis. Genet Resour Crop Evol 51:393–401 Chia CH, Zakaria S, Nguyen KL, Abdullah M (2008) Utilisation of unbleached kenaf fibers for the preparation of magnetic paper. Ind Crop Prod 28:333–339 Christakopoulos P, Katapodis P, Kalogeris E, Kekos D, Macris BJ, Stamatis H et al (2003) Antimicrobial activity of acidic xylo-oligosaccharides produced by family 10 and 11 endoxylanases. Int J Biol Macromol 31:171–175 Clark TF, Nelson GH, Nieschlag HJ, Wolff IA (1962) A search for new fibre crops V.

The Kenaf Stove burns kenaf in an oxygen-poor atmosphere, thereby in a cleaner condition, with longer existence and certainly smoke-free fire. Food Packaging Industry Kenaf/plastic compound pellets are casted into a variety of commercial food storage containers—non-food-related packaging, including bulk pharmaceutical drugs and chemical packaging, disposable packaging, and packaging parts of the electronics and electrical industries for large consumer appliances (Zhang 2003). Potential Utilization of Kenaf Biomass in Different Applications 23 High-Protein Source Feed Livestock Feed Although kenaf is a fiber crop and used by the fiber industry, the whole immature kenaf plant, stalk (core and bark), and leaves could be considered as high-quality livestock feed (Phillips et al.

1993). Biologically Active Acidic Oligosaccharides The major hemicellulose (hemicellulose A and hemicellulose B) from kenaf consists of a β-(1 → 4)-d-xylopyranose backbone with 4-O-methyl-glucuronic acid side chains at the two-position of many xylose units (Duckart et al. 1988; Neto et al. 1996) obtained by a series of sequential extractions. It has 92–94 % xylose content and analogous spectral profile to a classic hardwood birch wood xylan (Nacos et al. 2006). Neutral and acidic xylo oligosaccharide results from hydrolysis of xylan with suitable enzymes.

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