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Egon Boshof geht in seiner three. Auflage auf den kulturwissenschaftlichen Paradigmenwechsel in der mediävistischen Forschung ein, der das Bild der Ottonenzeit in den letzten beiden Jahrzehnten inhaltlich wie methodisch erheblich verändert hat. Die Literatur ist auf den neuesten Stand gebracht und ausführlich diskutiert.

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INFANTRY IN VIETNAM GRUNTS: Opposite page, top: Three to a wounded comrade. All armor. S. first INFANTRY aid are wearing kneeling at the front of the M1956 combat pack 'butt' pack attached to their equipment. This pack was found to be unsatisfactory in the field and was frequently replaced by picture have the the lightweight rucksack. 45 field The man on the The IN VIETNAM 57 soldier in front of him has draped ties. men his men standing have also taken measures to fight the heat. The man on the far left has rolled up the legs of his trousers, affording a good \iew of popular 'boonie' hat.

S. INFANTRY Above: The 28th Infantry Regiment arrives in Vietnam in October 1965. The men are all wearing OG107 utilities with full color insignia. The bayonet for their M-14 rifle is attached to the entrenching tool cover. The streamers hanging from the flag on the right are battle honors awarded to the Regiment since its founding in the 19th century. Such a neat and uniform appearance would have quickly become more individualised once these men got into the field. Right: An M26 fragmentation grenade has been wired to a post for a simple booby trap.

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