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Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.  If we didn't answer your questions, send us a chat message or contact us.

I can't find some LAMY pens or Special Edition pens on your website.  Are they available?

We are still updating the lamyphilippines.com to ensure that the full availability and selection of LAMY pens in the Philippines will be available on the site.  So, some special edition items, or special items might not be found on the web site.  

We'll continue working to add some of the items there.  

In some cases though, some items or Special Edition items are really indeed unavailable already.  Please chat / contact us to get more information.

I lost some parts of my LAMY pen.  Can I buy replacement spare parts?

For most common pen models and parts, yes you can!  Please contact us via chat or send us an email at customerservice@lamyphilippines.com  or contact us so we can help you with your situation.  

Please note that parts for Special Edition color pens (due to limited availability of the pen colors), or certain complex parts (as determined by LAMY Germany), or items deemed obsolete (where parts are no longer available) may not be available as spares for purchase.  Please contact us just the same so we can see what we can do for you.

Can I have my LAMY pen repaired?  

For most common situations, yes your LAMY pen is either repairable or may be returned to its original condition by replacing a part.  Our service team can help you assess the condition of your pen.  There are certain exceptions though when a pen is no longer repairable.  

Please check out our Repairs and Returns page for more information.  

What repairs or situations are covered by LAMY's warranty?

My fountain pen is scratchy or will not write well.  Help?

While each LAMY pen should have been tested at the factory for smooth writing prior to delivery to you, there are several common reasons for scratchy fountain pens.  And here's what you can do about it:

sub optimal pen angle / position - one reason why fountain pens are said to improve handwriting is because you need to hold fountain pens at the correct angle and direction so they will write smoothly on paper.  Some pen nibs are a bit more forgiving, but if you are holding the pen at too steep or too shallow an angle, the ink will not flow and the nib can even catch on the paper and "tear" it instead of writing.  Try holding the pen close to a 45 degree angle, and test varying angles of pen on paper.  If you are able to draw an asterisk clearly without the pen scratching and with ink clearly showing, or you can draw continuous loops with the same result, then you are holding the pen correctly!

the nib is dirty / caught on paper - if you have been holding the pen incorrectly, or if the the paper is unusually rough, bits of paper can sometimes get "caught" between the tines of the nib.  If you have sharp eyes or use a magnifying glass you can sometimes see this.  You will have to "pull" the stuck up paper to clear the tines of the nib and sometimes that is all that is needed!

your nib / feed is 'dirty' or has mixed / dried ink in the nib / feed - if you have not cleaned your pen nib or feed in a while, or if you have been using different colors or even types of ink, or have stopped using the pen for a while, ink can dry or coagulate or get stuck up in the feed.  We do not recommend pulling the feeds out to clean them.  Instead, we recommend flushing your fountain pen with plain water (using the converter with just plain water) and / or giving your pen a "warm bath" by immersing your pen nib / or front section in warm water to remove the ink.  In some cases your pen and the writing experience will feel as good as new!

it could be the paper?  - some types of paper are too glossy and does not work well with the capillary action of water-based inks.  try testing with another type of paper to see if this is the case.

your pen was dropped or you put too much pressure and the nib has been misaligned - this is the worst case scenario.  If you have indeed dropped your pen or used too much pressure, this could have misaligned or damaged the nib resulting in scratchy or not-writing fountain pens.  If you suspect this might be the case, please try to bring your pen to your LAMY dealer so we can see how this situation can be resolved.  Do not attempt to manually adjust your nib as doing so could void your warranty and could damage the pen further

none of the above (pen is new) - if this is the case, please contact us, or bring your pen with proof of purchase to your seller so we can address this immediately.  

Are fountain pen inks waterproof? or document proof?

Fountain pens by their nature use primarily water-based ink -- this allows the ink to flow smoothly through the ink feed and give you the light and comfortable writing experience that fountain pens are known for.  Because of this, all fountain pen inks WILL smudge when placed in contact with water.  

Note:  some LAMY inks though (specifically the T53 Benitoite) are considered "Document Proof" meaning they meet European standards for document storage, and written documents will be legible after many years in proper storage conditions (usually cool/dry/dark), and resist smudging to some degree.

Note:  some LAMY standard inks are also more "washable" than others (specifically the BLUE).  The blue ink is considered washable and will be more easily removed from clothing when washed than other inks and may be more affected by moisture.  Other ink colors although not water-proof will last for a reasonably long time when paper/ink is stored in proper storage conditions

Can I just use any ink on LAMY fountain pens?  

We recommend using only LAMY inks with LAMY fountain pens for best performance and to avoid damaging your LAMY pen. 

While LAMY pens will still work with many other brands of fountain pen inks, we do not guarantee their performance.  In some cases, we have even encountered some users using specific brands of "permanent" or "document proof" or "calligraphy-type" ink that 'melted' through or clogged the ink feed, irrepairably.  Such damage due to use of non-LAMY ink is not covered by LAMY's warranty.

When changing between inks, it is best to flush the ink feed and converter with water (to avoid mixing / or getting adverse reactions).

What paper works best for LAMY pens?

LAMY pens work best on smooth yet thicker non-glossy paper that where the ink will not bleed through.  Most common papers such as bond/copy paper, notebooks, etc. will still work very well with LAMY pens.  Excessively thin papers are not recommended with LAMY fountain pens and rollerballs, as the ink may tend to bleed through.  

LAMY also carries an excellent range of notebooks that have been designed to work exceptionally well with LAMY writing instruments. 

My ballpoint pen or rollerball refill is not writing properly.  Help?

The most common reason for your ballpoint pen or rollerball refill not writing properly is simply that your ink has run out or dried up!  LAMY's ballpoint pens are considered extra large refills with more ink than the refills of other fine writing brands, but they do run out too.  It is always best to keep pens stored in a "horizontal" position and in a cool, dry place.  If it's been a while since you have bought or used your pen, this could be the case and you may consider buying a new refill.

Some papers (some types of glossy papers) may also not work well with LAMY pens.

However, if your pen or refill is new, or there may be other situations affecting the writing performance, please contact us to see how we can help.  

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