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Repairs and Returns

Buying a LAMY pen is an investment -- a fine writing instrument that is not only a work of fine engineering, but should also be a joy to use, look at, and carry with you.  We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase, so do let us know if your LAMY pen is not functioning as it should and we will be here to help!


Will you really be able to fix my pen?

In most cases, yes we should be able to fix common damage by replacing parts or performing some repairs.  However, it really depends on the condition of your pen.  Please have your pen brought to a LAMY authorized reseller to inquire with trained staff -- but preferably to one of LAMY's official stores (LAMY Concept Store in Glorietta 2, or LAMY Ayala Manila Bay).  

How much will it cost to repair my pen?

Depends if your item is covered by LAMY's Limited Warranty.  If your pen repair is covered by LAMY's warranty, you may not need to pay anything for your repair.  Please see LAMY's warranty page for details.

If your item is NOT covered by LAMY's Limited Warranty then we may have to charge you a nominal service fee (if your item is not purchased from authorized LAMY sellers in the Philippines, but waived if with proof of purchase), and whatever cost of replacement parts or spares are needed.  

Specifically for Premium pens, if there are specific repairs that only LAMY Germany will be able to resolve, we may need to charge a shipping fee to have LAMY Germany examine the pens and send back appropriate repair or replacements.  

How long should the repair take?

It depends on how easy or hard the product repair is.  

For most cases (or easy to moderate cases), please estimate a minimum 1 to 3 weeks for us to complete your repair and send item back to the branch or store where you dropped off the product.  Mostly this is to take into account shipping / transit time from the store to our head office.

For difficult repairs (especially on premium, gold nibbed pens), please expect that repairs may take a minimum 2-3 months especially if the product is sent to LAMY Germany.  

What pen repairs are covered by LAMY's warranty?

For details about LAMY's warranty coverage, please see the LAMY warranty page.  

What should I do to get my LAMY pen repaired?

Bring your pen to your LAMY authorized reseller, or if not possible / trained LAMY staff is not available at your branch, please bring the pen to the LAMY Concept Store at Glorietta 2 or at LAMY Store at Ayala Manila Bay.  

Please make sure to bring with you the LAMY Warranty Card and / or the Proof of Purchase in the Philippines.  

You may also send us a chat message or contact us prior to bringing your pen ... perhaps we can assist you or resolve your issue without you having to bring the pen out.  


What should I do if my product arrives damaged or defective or isn't what I ordered?

If you have received products which you did not order or a damaged / defective product please do not remove any tag or take out the product from the original packaging.  We recommend that you contact us immediately and let the representative know the details of your package.  

Our customer service team would also require you to provide visual evidence (e.g. photo, video) of the products in order to expedite the process.

My newly purchased pen is not working.  Can I have it replaced?

If your new pen is not working properly, this should be covered by LAMY's Warranty and therefore yes you should be able to have it replaced.  Please bring your pen with proof of purchase and warranty to the store where you bought it from.  

Can I have warranty replacements done at another store / branch?

Unfortunately this is not possible, since each store or authorized reseller have their own records / systems.  It is best to send the pen back to the reseller where you bought it from

I changed my mind.  Can I have my pen exchanged or refunded for another model?

Not all items are "returnable" - items bought on sale, free goods/promotional items, customized or engraved items, damaged or mishandled items, items in used condition, or items without complete packaging are not "returnable" or "refundable" 

If item is in new / unused condition, please discuss with your reseller.  However, policies may differ from store to store.  

If item has been used already --> unfortunately, returns or exchanges may not be possible, as we will not be able to determine what the condition of the item has been and other customers will of course not want to receive a used item of unknown condition too.  

For the LAMY Philippines online store, return period for valid items in new / unused sellable condition item is a period of 7 days from date of receipt of item.  Please chat or contact us within the said time period to avail of the return.   However, all shipping or courier costs returning item to our office, and from our office are to be shouldered by the buyer.  

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