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LAMY M40 Mechanical Pencil Lead Refill

Note:  Nib size to be served is what was selected here, not what is reflected in product image depicted above.

Note:  Nib size to be served is nib selection above, and not what is in product image.  

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Design.  Made in Germany.

Design is the lifeblood of LAMY's products.  Following the Bauhaus design principle of Form Follows Function, LAMY constantly innovates whether it is in using ground breaking materials or processes, or collaborating with designers who share LAMY's ethos, or using chemistry to create writing instruments that are vibrant works of art.  There is a purpose to LAMY's designs and efforts.  And you see the outcome in the product you hold in your hands.

The core LAMY products are then engineered and produced in Germany--ensuring quality and precision engineering, to ensure you have a unique and smooth writing experience.  

LAMY's slogan is more than a slogan ... it defines LAMY. 

LAMY's Colors and Design

LAMY pens come in distinctive colors -- sometimes even if it means more of the same (and very often, black!).  The sometimes drab, sometimes vibrant, but always attractive colors complement LAMY's innovative designs.  Whether it is engineering a simple ink bottle to make it easier to refill a pen (such as the T52 ink bottle), or innovating a digital writing masterpiece (such as the LAMY AL-star EMR) you can be sure that the engineering behind each of LAMY's product will simply look good.  

This is what makes LAMY's designs effortlessly timeless.  

LAMY adheres to the Bauhaus design principle:  Form Follows Function.  Usability and technical features come first, and from there beauty and form can be made to make a utilitarian product into a work of art.  

LAMY has a history of collaborating with groundbreaking and visionary designers from various fields to create writing instruments that are almost akin to works of art.  As a result, many of LAMY's pens receive the distinction of being awarded design and distinction awards both in Germany and around the world -- proof and validation of the appeal and distinction of LAMY products.  The universal appeal of LAMY products result in some of the best selling pens in the world, and making LAMY one of the fastest growing pen brands.  

When you buy a LAMY product ... you are not just buying a pen or stationery ... you are believing in the design lifestyle that is LAMY.

Each LAMY pen purchased from the LAMY Philippines online shop is enclosed in :

Gift Box

Gift Bag (which may be excluded on size of gift box--usually the extra large gift boxes)

Also comes with LAMY Philippines Warranty Card

There are many types of refills, inks, and cartridges.  Use of LAMY original pen refills will ensure best performance and longevity of your pen.  Check with us if you have questions as to which is the appropriate refill / ink or cartridge for your pen.

Note: Inclusions subject to change if item is offered as part of a set or promotion

Most LAMY pens are engravable to some extent.  

As the engraving feature is not yet offered on the LAMY Philippines website, you may take the pen to the authorized LAMY Concept Stores together with proof of purchase for free engraving.


Write different.

The LAMY safari is a timelessly modern pen for the young – and the young at heart – and is in a class of its own. It created a stir during its market launch at the beginning of the eighties with its avant-garde design and its prominent, spring-loaded clip. It also features extraordinary robustness. Additional writing systems and continuously new product colours have made the LAMY safari a global success and a modern design classic that has established itself as a much sought-after lifestyle product in many countries around the world and the world's best-selling fountain pen.

The LAMY safari is not only a bestseller -- it symbolizes well what LAMY's design ethos and philosophy is all about. It is the recipient of the iF Industrie Forum Design award, the oldest independent design seal in the world and a symbol of outstanding design achievement.

Design: Wolfgang Fabian

Key Features

The stainless steel nib

Sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel nib for pleasant and even ink flow. Available in different widths and also as a left-handed variant.

The grip

Ergonomically shaped grip area to enable writing for long periods of time without tiring.

The ink window

Window that shows how much ink is left in the cartridge is not only convenient but aesthetically blends in to the LAMY Safari's design.

Iconic Clip

The LAMY Safari is fitted with what is now known as LAMY's iconic automatic spring-action metal clip that is chrome plated or colored depending on the model

The pen casing

Sturdy casing made from ABS plastic.  It's flat surfaces and light weight make the pen effortless to hold, allowing users of all ages to write in more comfort and for longer.

The colors

The LAMY Safari comes in a variety of bright and vivid colors, and many customers eagerly wait LAMY's special edition colors each year.  In 2020, the LAMY Safari Special Edition colors comes in three!  The LAMY Safari Candy comes in Mango, Aquamarine, and Violet.

Design Story

When the LAMY safari is unveiled at the Frankfurt Fair in 1980, nobody guesses that it would one day be the best-selling fountain pen in the world.

The LAMY safari was the outcome of extensive research work in the field of youth psychology and of close cooperation with designer Wolfgang Fabian and the Mannheim Development Group under the direction of Prof. Bernt Spiegel. The ergonomic design and sturdy workmanship of the LAMY safari are perfectly tailored to the needs of the young, but also quickly win over many adult fans as well.

Originally launched in colors reminiscent of an African safari -- savannah green, terracotta orange and charcoal black (which are featured in the special edition colors of the LAMY Studio in 2019), it underwent constant innovation and redesigns, culminating in the model we see today.  

The LAMY Safari won the iF Design award in 1994 and the rest as they say is history.

Other Information

Each LAMY Safari Fountain Pen includes the following:

1 pc Z24/Z28 Ink Converter

2 pcs T10 Ink Cartridges

Enclosed in:

E186 LAMY Gift Box

Gift Bag

Also comes with LAMY Philippines Warranty Card

The LAMY Safari is designed to work with LAMY T10 ink cartridges, or the Z24/Z28 ink converter that is recommended to be filled with LAMY bottled ink (T51, T52, or T53).

Note: Inclusions subject to change if item is offered as part of a set or promotion


LAMY Safari Fountain pens are engravable with your desired name or marking, usually on the pen body.  

As the engraving feature is not yet offered on the LAMY Philippines website, you may take the pen to the authorized LAMY Concept Stores together with proof of purchase for free engraving.

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